Partners Connected Health To Consider Using iThermonitors

By Dr. Mallika Marshall, WBZ-TV May 14, 2015 5:50 PM

“Physicians and nurses can see the trends and the changes in temperature,” says Dr. Kamal Jethwani, senior director of Connected Health Innovation at Partners Connected Health.

“They can figure out even if though this person didn’t really have fever, there’s a trend here that is concerning that we want to think about or change medications,” he added.


A temperature monitor for babies gives new parents peace of mind

By Nidhi Subbaraman, The Boston Global, Apr 27, 2015

The “iThermonitor,” made by Beijing company Raiing Medical, is a wearable thermometer that syncs with a smartphone app. Earlier this year, the company licensed a database from Thermia, an online resource developed by Boston Children’s hospital that supplies parents with information about fevers, symptoms


Harvard adds 2 digital health startups to its incubator for alumni

By Aditi Pai, mobihealthnews, Oct 27, 2014

Incubator Harvard Launch Lab, a spinout from Harvard’s student accelerator, called iLab, announced 12 inaugural companies, two of which are digital health-focused.

Beijing-based Raiing Medical offers an FDA-cleared a peel-and-stick contact thermometer sensor that continuously transmits body temperature readings to a companion iPhone